First Memories Baby Scheme

The "First Memories Baby Scheme" is the perfect way to capture your babies development.

This popular scheme can start from pregnancy if you so wish. Alternatively it can start from New Born and up to 8 months old.

 I appreciate that with all the hope in the world the last thing lots of us can think of doing when your little bundle of joy arrives is get to the studio for shoot.    It took me all day to finally get to the studio at 4pm when my little one was 4 days old!   

If you are starting from Pregnancy, I would advise to book in for very close to the 37 weeks mark.

To capture those perfect NewBorn shots, Ideally by 7 days is perfect as they are still so scrunched up and easy to wrap and position. As soon as possible however will still ensure that you get great pics !

I would then recommend, approximately 4 monthly intervals in-between shoots, depending on your babies developmental stage. It has been popular for mums to start from pregnancy, do the new born shoot then a 3 month old shoot, then continue onto another Baby Scheme for a "sitter", "standing" and "walking" scheme. 

What you get

11218584_906020229421276_4373009382315760655_o11218584_906020229421276_4373009382315760655_o For just £60, you get 3 Studio Sessions, a 6 by 9 inch Photo from each session, then all are displayed in a triple frame of your choice.                                            You are under no obligation to buy further prints. Family and Sibling photographs can also be taken, however your photo for the frame must be of your baby.