Photo Therapy was first mainly aimed at women who have suffered from Breast Cancer.

I photographed women in their homes, showing them in a way that promotes their femininity and self-esteem.Images were on exhibition for a  Ladies Charity Event.

Since then, I have been doing many photo therapy shoots which seem to have helped with many ladies for alternative methods of healing for all types of problems.


"Many women in general will state that they don't photograph very well. If you can begin to appreciate the beauty as others perceive you, then this is a positive step in healing after any surgery. With the correct lighting and angles, positive images of the self have a huge impact for those on the road to recovery. I have tried to create images with the Calendar Girls film in mind, the naked body with the essentials being covered. For the majority of the women, just to step out in front of the camera is a huge milestone for their confidence".

I came up with the idea, when a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. My friend was due to be the first model, but died before the photographs could be taken.

The project has now become my personal mission.

I'm hoping that at some point this will be a NHS funded therapy so all women can experience this. Many of the models who I have worked with were extremely nervous beforehand, however after the shoot felt very liberated.